What is Audio Workshop?

Created in 2018, Audio Workshop is a dynamic award-winning studio, which provides audio services for the video game and the film industry.

Thanks to our team of passionate people dedicated to audio, and our partner France TV Studio we offer simplicity, communication and cost control!

Our teams offer a wide range of services, from sound editing to multi-channel mixing, sound effects, musical composition and dubbing. No less than 10 languages are available to translate your projects in our studios.

We are passionate about our profession and after more than ten years in the field, we want to share these values of research, thought, experimentation and, above all, pleasure.



Video Games




A highly-competent team !

Located in the heart of Montpellier and into the France TV Studio’s hub, our facilities welcome national and international projects, more and more ambitious. Our job being our passion, and after more than 10 years spent in the field, we wish to transmit our values of reflection, listening but especially fun in what we do!

A team of professionals from a multitude of different horizons, each with their own specialty, will be delighted to answer your requests for on-site services or out-sourcing if your project requires mobility. Our global network takes advantage of the range of different opportunities they each offer to best meet your expectations.

We offer complete sound post production solutions, in every domain, and a vast range of skills is at your disposal. Our goal is give your work the sound that best respects your vision and we are constantly looking for new talent to complement our team and increasingly broaden our horizons.