Emily, a young woman in her thirties who is estranged from her dysfunctional family, learns from one of her sisters that their mother has attempted suicide in Italy. The three sisters rush off to see her, but on the way Emily soon learns that it was actually a fake attempt, a pretext to get her daughters to come to her and throw an end-of-life party…

This is a film about family, and the things we have to say to each other, to admit to each other, to repair relationships. The tone is comedic, it’s an escape to Italy towards great and beautiful family reconciliations.

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Release : 2022
Genre : Comedy
Producer : Octopolis
Director : Jim Thierry Terrasson
Post Production Manager : Morgan Dufour
Sound Manager: Morgan Dufour
Foleys: Morgane Bello
Sound Editing : Morgane Bello, Jean Claude Charlier, Benjamin Bousquet