In Project Titan, a squad of four players will venture on golem island, a volcanic island where advanced drones of skell are located. Note that it is necessary that the object score is at least 150 to access it. Ubisoft also explains on the official website that passing points will make your progress after every boss fight.
A faction of wolves, called Red Wolves, took control of golem island, the volcanic island developed by skell technology. Strategically located away from the main island of auroa, golem island was home to a military research unit specialized in the creation of experimental drones. Due to the delicate nature of the research, skell tech has deployed an AI capable of self-learning to monitor the entire island and protect the precious resources it contains.
After infiltrated the area, the red wolves managed to rebuild the ai code. Now it only works in their favor. Your team has received information on four fatal prototypes in the final phase of development. It’s up to you to find and destroy these drones before they reach their full production capacity and neutralize any remaining threat.


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Release : November 28th 2019
Genre : TPS, Infiltration
Mode(s) : Solo / Multi
Editor : Ubisoft
Publisher : Ubisoft
Sound Editing : Morgan Dufour, Jean-Claude Charlier
Mixing : Morgan Dufour
Integration : Morgan Dufour