During 3 days, Hanna, Juan and Laura rode along with 30 Merens horses from the highlands of the Pyrenees to the milder valleys.

After a trek on foot climbing over 1 km in altitude, we finally meet the horses at the Col de Cassaings. We have to gain their trust before we were able to share with them the descent to the valley, which was 100kms and barely 6000m elevation gain over the next 3 days. We make it to the Cirque de Campuls where we spend our first night under the tent… and under the rain.

We spent long hours rediscovering horses far from arenas, in conditions that pushed us out of our comfort zone. Tiny paths were the way we crossed the mountains sleeping in between bivouacs through mists and wind until we reached the calm of the Bispou summer pasture.



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Release : 03/24/2020
Genre : Documentary
Producer : Gymnasium
Director : Stéphane Barbato
Field Recording : Ludovic Lefèvre
Sound Editing : Ludovic Lefèvre
Sound Mixing : Ludovic Lefèvre