In Bristol, two murder cases are mysterious connected to more than twenty apart. A Electrifying Thriller. Haunted by the murder of his two childhood friends that took place twenty years earlier, Cody Swift, a young director, returns to the crime scene in Bristol. Well decided to light up on the areas of shadow that remain, Cody questions the inhabitants and releases his advances in a podcast, waking up to old wounds and buried trauma. When a body is found in the exact place where those of the children were abandoned, the investigation takes a new turn. Detective John Fletcher then takes over his dusty files and gets back into the case. Are the murder related? The Clock is ticking, and other lives are in danger… with the participation of,,,, and Patrick Descamps.


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Release : November 14th 2019
Genre : Audio Book
Editor : Lizzie
Author : Gilly MacMillan
Voice Editing : Ludovic Lefèvre