Somewhere in very deep space, in a not so distant future: Around planet Moss 5 hovers a thick trashbelt full of spaceship wrecks. Just around the corner, behind a small asteroid, lurks an all too bright-coloured spaceship. Its Captain, tinkerer and maverick Utgang Gangway(50), is waiting for the opportune moment to interfere. His mission: to collect the most precious trash-treasures before someone else does and to retail them to the highest bidder.

His artificial assistant and only intimate M.O.L.L.Y. checks the surroundings. No rival in sight. Excellent! The spaceship prepares to pillage. At that very moment a strange little doobri flys by. It looks oddly familiar. Wait, is it a cow… bot? Suddenly it wavers, looses speed and collides with Utgangs ship. M.O.L.L.Y. sets course to follow the possibly valuable object.

Utgang catches the cowbot with one of his self-invented trash-picking tools and drags it on board. It’s the beginning of a „wonderful“ friendship, in which Utgang’s past unravels peu a peu. In the end he finds out who he really is, who he has missed so badly and that he didn’t have a clue what was going on for the past 20 years.

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Release : April 2021
Type : Narrative / Adventure
Mode(s) : Solo
Editor : Ducks on the Water
Publisher : Ducks on the Water
Artistic Direction: Morgan Dufour
Recording: Tom Douault
Voice Editing:
Tom Douault