In a world on the brink of perdition, the Moonycat, last-born and last of his kind, has to fight an invincible pandemic that threatens the world. Aided in his quest by a heart of a star named LUX, the heroes will lift te veil of mystery that floats on the past of Metaphora and the disappearance of the Moonycats. LUX will be the key to save METAPHORA and make the planet blossom again.

Play two characters, the MOONYCAT and LUX, that you can switch anytime, anywhere. With their different and complementary set skills and abilities, their cooperation is essential to complete quests and progress into the story.

Lead a journey into the unknown as you explore a dying planet and unravel the mysteries that floats on the past of METAPHORA and the disappearance of the MOONYCATS.


Type de projet

Travail effectué


Release :  2022
Genre : Adventure
Mode(s) : Solo
Editor : Moonycat


16/12/2017: Back in November, the Game Connection Development Awards 2017, aims to recognize and promote independent game projects in any stage of development, across the world. Among 24 games selected for the final stage of the contestAmong 24 games selected for the final stage of the contest, Metaphora has been nominated in 7 categories, the most nominated game of the Development Awards 2017. We are happy to announce that Metaphora has won 3 Development Awards for the Best PC Console game, Most Promising IP and Excellence in art. These three awards represent a great pride for us and a recognition of the fantastic work that our team at Moonycat is doing right now on Metaphora.  This gives us strength to continue the development of our epic adventure game, with the hope that you will be able to play it soon.

Sortie de Metaphora
02/04/2021 @ Sortie française / Sortie mondiale