Audio Workshop Talents Team

For more than 3 years we have been dedicated to training and gathering new talents from Montpellier and elsewhere, in order to propose a complete team of new voices, with the support of experienced actors and stage directors.

The goal is simple: to work as a team and to offer something different to productions around the world, with a panel of original voices.

This team is made up of the talents who have agreed to help us in this task. But there are more than 200 other talents to discover!
We therefore offer you an original “turnkey” solution for your future dubbing projects.

The team being in constant evolution, we hope to enlarge it soon and propose the English speaking team.

Stage Directors

Thierry Desroses

Brigitte Lecordier

Julien Masdoua

Maina Le Dantec


Maina Le Dantec

Julien Masdoua

Marion Trintignant

Laurent Quentier

Alicia Crecq

David Tartar

Jehanne Thellier

Jérôme Berbon

Audrey Bourgeois

Ryan Highley



Riders Republic


Road 96

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Have A Nice Death




Astria Ascending

Wonder Gang

Projet V