Our collaborative work

An outstanding French success in the artistic world: Ubisoft. This company, founded in 1986 in Brittany, is today ranked 3rd worldwide in the video game sector, just behind the behemoths Electronic Arts and Blizzard. It holds the franchises for such world famous titles as Rayman, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Watch Dogs and Far Cry, and the games licensed from Tom Clancy’s novels (Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon …).

Members of the Audio Workshop team are currently working for Ubisoft internationally, and some of our Montpellier-based sound professionals participate each year in the company’s video game training sessions.

logo ubisoft
Parc de Bellegarde,1 Chemin de Borie
34170, Castelnau-le-Lez, France
Tel :+33 (0)4 99 52 8590
Fax :+33 (0)4 99 52 2995

VOFFLA, directed by actress Claire Dodin, is a Los Angeles-based studio specializing in voice dubbing. For several years VOFFLA has been a reference in the French and English dubbing of series, films and animation on broadcast platforms like Netflix. The main auditorium is located in Sherman Oaks California (suburban Los Angeles) and is equipped with a high-quality recording system and accommodates one actor at a time. For more complex projects, VOFFLA is partners with Hollywood-based SoundBoxLA.

Audio Workshop has become the French outpost of Claire Dodin and her team in order to meet the French-language dubbing needs of Hollywood.

4635382739 Removebg Preview
Sherman Oaks
California, USA

Miroslav Pilon, based in Lyon, the birthplace of cinema, is one of the largest sound post-production studios in France. After more than 30 years of existence the “Pilon” can be proud of its top-level facilities, including a high-quality auditorium, allowing mixing and sound effects of many film and television projects including “Kaamelott”, a successful series broadcast on M6 and soon to ba made into a movie.

In the context of our collaboration we share our technical solutions to meet the requirements of our French and international customers.

65 Rue Sébastien Gryphe
69007 Lyon, France
Tel :+33 4 78 61 37 85
Mail: production@miroslav-pilon.com

Jean Jacques Quinet’s “Studio 5sur5”, based in Etterbeek (Brussels), is specialized in the creation of audio books and documentaries. They have a long experience of synchronous sound recording in all formats. Their shoots have taken them to all corners of the world: from the Spitzbergen Archipelago in the Arctic Circle to the deserts of Mauritania via the Indian Reserves of Canada, the Hakka Houses of China, a Trans-Siberian crossing of Russia (Moscow-Vladivostok), the Benin lagoons, the Chilean Cordillera and the Isle of Ouessant in Brittany to name but a few.
5sur5 is also the privileged partner of the major audiobook publishers in France.

We are delighted to be their studio partner, collaborating in publishing and recording audiobooks.

93a Rue Général Leman
1040 Bruxelles, Belgique
Tel : +32 2 649 62 91

The Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) has been working in the field of sound since 1958. The group later joined forces with the research department of the French radio and television corporation which, after the break-up of the ORTF, went on to become the INA. GRM thus excels in developing audio solutions for professionals in the field, both in France and abroad. The group has been joined by several illustrious names such as Michel Chion and the famous Skywalker Sound studio.

Audio Workshop recently joined the GRM family, benefiting from the company’s industry-leading software and innovation.

Maison de Radio France, 19 Avenue du Général Mangin
75016, Paris, France
Tel :+33 (0)1 56 40 29 88

Tsugi is a Japanese procedural audio software company, directed by Nicolas Fournel. They create smart tools and engines that help artists to be more productive and offer them more creative options. They achieve this by combining advanced techniques such as digital signal processing, feature extraction, machine learning and procedural generation. A new generation of software tools and engines essential to the production of an increasing quantity of digital audio assets in the shortest possible time while fostering creativity and innovation. To this end, Tsugi solutions combine advanced techniques to offer a complete suite of software for sound effexts creation, sound processing and audio assets management.

Audio Workshop are to have privileged preview access to all of the latest innovations and developments in GameSynth software for video game production.

#205 e-Kigyokan, Yoneyama 2-6-2, Chuo-ku, 950–0916
Niigata, Japon
Tel :+81 (0)25-250-5383

Mary Lockwood Productions is a music and sound supervision, production and consulting agency. Music is a primary vector of emotions and Mary combines her entrepreneurial leanings with her passion and her imagination to provide music and ambiant sound that will make your projects shine.

The agency is based in Lyon and works together with Audio Workshop on sound and especially musical projects for video games and series.


Radio One, directed by Olivier Coquin, is a local radio station based near the Etang de Thau. It is completely independent and wants to be close to its listeners by dealing with everyday topics ranging from politics to sport. With audience figures constantly rising, its transmission range has gone beyond the borders of the Hérault area, raising the ambitions and expectations of the radio station to a new level.

Audio Workshop and Radio One are to collaborate on the creation of a podcast channel covering a wide range of news and information.

C.c. la plaine etage 1
Rte de st georges d’orques
34990 Juvignac, France
Tel : +33 6 29 19 40 94
Mail: regie@radioone.fr

French Kiss Production, located in Montpellier, was created in 2004 and has built up a catalog going beyond specific genres, orienting its production choices towards passionate authors and ambitious films.

The collaboration between Audio Workshop and FK Production is quite recent, both on a professional level but also in terms of logistics as we now share the same premises.

10 rue Bourrely
34000, Montpellier, France
Tel :+33 (0)4 99 66 47 21

Ghost Fx Pictures is an audiovisual and graphic communications company notably producing promotional films for the French Air Force and advertising campaigns for Intersport, Credit Agricole, NRJ, Virgin Radio and Gamekult. Recently the company ventured into cinema with its first creation: “Brouillon”, directed by JP Girardot, telling the story of Thomas Edison.

Ghost Fx Pictures is behind the Audio Workshop logo and a part of the company’s visual communication material. There are also plans afoot to collaborate on future film projects with the possibility of involving students currently training in post production techniques.

logo ghost FX
5 rue des sorbiers
52130, Wassy, France
Tel :+33 06 20 12 15 66

Emtex Studio offers sound recording services for filming and studio work for all types of video and music production. The studio specializes in sound post-production for films and music: sound editing, mixing, audio mastering, sound design and audio restoration.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to share projects with Elias and his team.

Emtex Studio
2 Rue Camille Saint-Saëns
34080, Montpellier, France
Tel :+33 04 11 65 42 34