What is the ideal profile for your courses?

We are looking for students who really want a career in sound, who are highly motivated and responsible and have a considerable degree of professional self-reliance.

Sound design and music are professions involving passion. You can have a lot of fun, but choosing one of these professions requires considerable commitment and self-reliance: you will have to provide a sustained level of work, show initiative and be able reasearch information by yourself. Our role is to support you and provide you with the necessary tools for quality training, not to chase after you to attend classes or submit projects. The quality of the training depends on your investment, and is therefore your responsibility.

How do I register for a course at Audio Workshop?

Just fill out the registration form or contact us at the following email address: contact@audioworkshop.fr. You will then be asked to do a test and an interview so that we can select the candidates we consider best suited to our courses.

Why is there an entrance exam ?

We have the honor of being the first port of call for recruiters from a number of national and international companies like Ubisoft and Piste Rouge. We owe it to ourselves to have motivated students who are passionate about the job. The tests and interviews will help us define which profiles are most likely to be identified later.

Will I obtain a qualification?

Our partners do not expect our students to have a particular diploma but they do want to see skills. We issue a certificate at the end of every course certifying that you have completed it. It is not a state diploma: a diploma is not a necessity to work in this field. Skills, a solid portfolio and a network are.

Will the courses give me student status?

No. The courses are considered as being professional training and will not give you student status.

What financial aid is available?

The courses are eligible for financial assistance via Pole Emploi in France, depending on your professional background, your goals and your rights to professional training. We are also looking at financial assistance from the AFDAS.

To apply for funding, tell us about who you have approached and we will take care of your application.

Do I need to buy equipment to do one of your courses?

We provide all of the professional software required for our following our courses and doing the practical work.

You will however need to invest in basic equipement for working at home (a computer and speakers or headphones). There is a wide range of equipment available, at a variety of prices. We are on hand to advise you, depending on your budget.

Is transport and accommodation provided during trips?

Yes. We take care of transport, accommodation and food during trips.  Workshops at Audio Workshop are not supported because of their proximity.