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What do I do now?

We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an interview with the educational supervisor of the chosen course. This interview will take place in one of our studios in Montpellier. Before each interview we ask the candidate to sit a small written test (in the field of sound in general) that will allow us to assess their level of knowledge.

After the interview there is an artistic test (a small project) that will be carried out by mail. We will then send you our decision as soon as possible to allow you to look at other options in case of failure.

Why all these tests?

We want to ensure the motivation and merits of each applicant for registration in our courses. We have often seen inexperienced students give up when they realize the level of commitment required by a career in sound. This is a waste of time for them and for us, not to mention the financial loss.

When our partners are recruiting, their first stop is at Audio Workshop so we must do our utmost to maintain the high level of quality of our students.

How do we select our students?

As these are primarily artistic professions, we place more importance on the candidates’ profile, their state of mind and their maturity, than on technical skills. Anyone can have a “bad day”, so we do not permanently eliminate someone who has failed one of the tests or interviews. A “typical profile” for students does not exist. Everyone has their own personality and career, and we respect that. However, the number of places is small:

  • 16 maximum in Audiovisual Post Production
  • 10 maximum in Video Games

Although there is a maximum number of students per year on our courses, there is no minimum number, so if few profiles suit us we can afford to take only a few students. Quality takes precedence over quantity.