Audio Workshop Music

There was only one thing missing at Audio Workshop: music.

Since summer 2021, we offer our services of orchestration, composition, recording and mixing for our clients in advertising, video games and cinema. Find our projects, our partners and our musical news on this page.

From now on, through Jean Claude Charlier, our in-house composer, and our different partners, we are happy to share with you our activity in the musical field.

Jean Claude Charlier

He started his musical apprenticeship at the age of 9, studying guitar at the conservatory of music in Miramas in the south of France.

Later in his teenage years, he turned to urban music and produced instrumental music for bands in his region.

More and more attracted to film music, he decides to turn to the study of classical harmony and orchestration.
He composed music for several documentaries including “UFO the incredible truth” and continued producing music for artists in the south of France.

For a few years now he joined the team of the studio Audio Workshop based in Montpellier. As such he has composed music for institutional films and advertisements (Honda, Renault, Caisse d’Epargne, cities…) and works today as a composer on several video game projects (Fireplace, Digixart, Immersive Art…), TV series (Illogic studio, Koch Media) and feature films (Bande Originale…).


List of Recent Projects:

  • 2023 – Animated Series: Non announced Project
  • 2022 – Web: Chainzoku
  • 2022 – Ads: Roger Dubuis (Wizz/Quad)
  • 2022 – Ads: Swarovski (Illogic Studio)
  • 2022 – Video Games: Non announced Project (Digixart)
  • 2022 – Video Games: Non announced Project (Immersive Art)
  • 2022 – Video Games: Project V (Vela Games)
  • 2022 – TV Series: Tuyauteries Inavouables (Chuck Prod)
  • 2022 – Movie: It’s a Good Day to Die (Bande originale)
  • 2022 – Ads: Roger Dubuis (Wizz/Quad)
  • 2021/2022 – Video Games: Non announced Project (Fireplace Games)
  • 2021 – Ads: Swarovski (Illogic Studio)
  • 2021 – Ads: Honda (Bande Originale)
  • 2021 – Ads: Alpine (Bande Originale)…

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