First name: Federico
Family name: Solazzo
Nationality: Italian
Location: Netherlands
Role: Composer and Musical Director
Notable facts: Live performances during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and San Siro (Milan), World Tour with Alexia (Italian Pop Star) and programming of “Nord” synths.
Website: http://www.federicosolazzo.com

Experienced, fast, reliable, hardworking and a very nice guy, Federico Solazzo is a Dutch-based film, series and video game composer. His most recent work includes major projects like the soundtracks of the films “Eyes Wide Open” (South Korea 2018) and “Repented” (UK 2018). He has also composed songs for “Sizzer and Birdbrain” European music agencies that provide original compositions for major brands like Diesel, Visa, Nestle, IKEA and Amazon.

After a long apprenticeship in jazz and classical music in Italy, his career led him to the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (The Netherlands). He then obtained a master’s degree “MA Professional Media Composition” at the University of Chichester (UK) with the jury’s congratulations.

Federico has developed a strong sense of teamwork and has learned to find solutions to all types of problems during his ten years as music director, producer and mixer. Highly technical and passionate, he has worked as a synth programmer for companies like Nord Keyboards and NonLinear Labs. Last but not least, he has performed live, notably at the San Siro stadium in Milan and the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


Ocean's Edge




Laurent Sauvagnac
First name: Laurent
Family name: Sauvagnac
Nationality: French
Location: France
Role: Composer
Notable facts: OST of “L’Ascension”, “Engrenages” (Canal+ / Netflix), Braqueurs, Brigade Navarro, Victoire Bonnot, Flic Tout Simplement, Ripoux Anonymes…

After a degree in audiovisual law at the sorbonne, he left in 1996 for Boston, USA, where he attended the berklee college of music, and specializes in film and piano music. He studied classical and harmony as well as international musical styles: Salsa, hip-hop, Jazz, electronic music. In Paris, between 2000 and 2018, he conducted an activity as a composer of film music and sound designer.

Upon his return from Boston in 2000, he composed for the great names of French Luxury Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hennessy… producing the sound design and music of their websites and events. In 2002, he composed and produced for a year the music of the parades of Jean-Paul Gaultier mixing Strauss and electronic music. At the same time, he creates the music and sound design of the multimedia series first discoveries for children, and regularly continues to compose for childhood: he signs, among other things, the music of audio books for Helium editions: my big sister told me, 2009 and Tralali, 2010.

He works most often with his alter-ego, Stéphane Zidi, with whom he composed the last two seasons of “Engrenages”. Previously he had signed the soundtrack of TV programs such as Brigade Navarro, Police District or Insoupçonnable. On the big screen, in 2017 and 2018 he composed with and under the musical direction of Lucien Papalu the soundtrack of the successful feature film ” L’Ascension ” by Ludovic Bernard, then co-sign with him ” Mission Pays Basque ” From the same director. In 2018 they co-sign the music of the film “L’enkas” with Sandrine Bonnaire.

They are preparing a sound & light show for 2020. Stay tuned!


Alexis Photo studio

First name: Alexis
Family name: Laugier
Nationality: French
Location: France
Role: Composer and sound designer
Notable Facts: Collaboration on large-scale video licenses and the production of soundtracks for ESMA films.
Website: Youtube Channel

A self-taught musician and composer, Alexis became passionate about video game music at an early age. Having grown up with games reputed for their musical universe such as the Final Fantasy series with the compositions of Nobuo Uematsu or the creations of Koji Kondo for The Legend of Zelda, he very quickly realized the importance of music and its effect on creation of emotion. Captivated by music, he then spent his adolescence learning and playing his favorite themes on the keyboard and guitar.

After completing initial studies in music theory at the conservatory and then 2 years in musicology, Alexis, wanting to work with this media in a hands-on rather than theoretical way, moved towards sound design training in 2013. At the same time he began composing in a more serious and structured way through the use of Computer Assisted Composition which today offers fascinating creative possibilities with the help of numerous digital tools. From orchestral film scores by Hans Zimmer to electronic music/Chiptune by Danny Baranowsky (Binding of Isaac, Crypt of the Necrodancer), Alexis draws his inspiration from a host of very diverse influences giving him the ability to easily adapt to all types of project whilst always adding his personal touch.

Working alone as a freelancer since 2017, he has always seized any opportunity to engage in composing in parallel with his job as Sound Designer. He has participated in about twenty GameJams in his free time, composed more than 70 minutes of ambient music for the web series “Spotters’ Rift”, made 6 pieces for the documentary “Lʼécole du ciel” and he is currently working on the OST of several independent games in production, while continuing to make covers of movie and video game themes as well as original creations with the constant goal of honing his skills.

L'école du Ciel



irst name: Dario
Name: Vero
Nationality: Italian
Location: Italy
Role: Composer and Conductor
Notable Facts: Best Original Composition for an anime in 2018 for “Princesse Mila et le Sorcier au Coeur de Pierre”.
Website: https://www.dariovero.com

Italian composer and conductor, Dario has credits for many TV series soundtracks, movies and commercials. Specialist in classical music he is also highly respected in the business as a guitarist. He took his first steps at the Santa Cecilia conservatory in Rome, then got a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music (USA). His owes his skills as conductor and arranger to his time spent at the Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm in the Vatican.

In 2017 he got another scholarship, this time to the Hollywood Music Workshop in Vienna to study under the greatest conductor in the film industry: Conrad Pope (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, King Kong , The Matrix …) as well as those of Joe Kraemer (Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation, The Way of Gun, Jack Reacher …).

Dario Vero is currently involved in numerous television series, animation and video games projects, consolidating his worldwide reputation as an all-round composer, conductor and musician.


Spy Story

Final 2050

Original Soundtrack for “The Stolen Princess”



First name: Amin
Family name: Goudarzi
Nationality: Iranian
Location: France
Role: Composer
Notable Facts: Master Class with Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings), Brian Tyler (Fast and Furious) and Trevor Morris (Vikings), “HLM sur Court” Festival Award, shortlisted at the Grand Concours de Musique in Krakow, Jury Prize for the best music for “Talent Day”.
Website: https://www.amingoudarzi.com/

Film score composer, Amin Goudarzi has composed the original music of many animated films, fictions and documentaries, some of which have had several selections at international festivals. He was born in 1989 in Tehran and began his musical education with the classical guitar and piano, but he soon discovered a passion for the bass guitar that he initially studied with Babak Riahipour and later in France with Nicolas Lemoulet and the great bass virtuoso Dominique Dipiazza.

Amin began his career as a professional musician at the age of 19 as a studio bassist in Iran. This led him to play a wide variety of musical styles and go on tour with popular singers, traditional Iranian music ensembles, big bands, flamenco bands and the Tehran Symphony Orchestra. In 2011 he did a degree in musicology, studies in harmony, arrangement, writing, jazz, etc. in Tours (France), and was able to pursue his passion for film music with a master in “MAAAV” (music applied to visual arts) at the University of Lyon and then at the Conservatoire Paul Dukas in Paris, studying film composition under Jean-Michel Bernard.

His music is profoundly inspired by his background, his studies and his broad range of musical experience, as a rock and jazz bassist with knowledge of traditional Iranian music who also studied music, composition and classical orchestration. Today he continues to work as a film music composer and teaches at film schools such as the ESCAT and IESA, addressing topics like the relationship between music and image in cinema and sound design.

Show Reel


Selfie Cat



First name: Aurélien
Family name: Marini
Nationality: French
Location: France
Role: Composer, sound engineer and trainer
Notable Facts: Won awards in many festivals including the London Film Festival in 2015. Production supervisor for Deel Production (Paris) alongside Pierre Jacquot (ABBEY ROAD PARIS) among others, trainer and mixer at  the Artfx school and composer for major national TV channels (TF1, Canal +, Arte …)
Website: www.studio2c.fr

Coming from a family of artists, Aurélien Marini has been immersed in music from an early age.
At the age of 18 he decided on a career as a musician, playing live and in the studio, to which he devoted himself for 17 years, working as a guitarist, singer or musical director with an impressive 18 groups and musical projects.

Alongside his activity as a musician he began writing for several artists and making soundtracks, notably for video games, with 2 games released for NINTENDO DS and 2 TV series (“Paris 16” and “Comme des champions”). In 2008 he set up the STUDIO 2C musical creation studio that he still runs today. Multidisciplinary artist, sound engineer, video game and song composer, artistic director for numerous labels and artists and working with Pierre Jacquot (ABBEY ROAD PARIS) as production supervisor and Deel Production (Paris) amongst others, he is also a teacher and sound supervisor at several schools including the highly-reputed school ARTFX Montpellier.

He has received several awards for his work (2015 Glencore Foundation Award for “Le souffle des ancêtres”) and several prizes for: “La femme papier” Best Original Music Award at the London Film Festival 2015, Venus “Best original music 2016” at the Badalona Film Festival (Barcelona) for “Between The Lines”. He composes for various TV production companies: TF1, Canal +, La Ruche, TRIARII (he has composition credits for the 3 seasons of “Points de repères” currently broadcast by Arte), PAO, the AB Group, Calt and many others. He is also the author of stage music for several cabaret shows and comedians including Anthony Joubert, Rafaele Ferraille and Cyril Etesse.

Currently working in television with “Points de repères” for TRIARII on Arte he is also working on many other projects (publicity, documentaries, fiction) and writing and recording several albums. The short film “Debout Kinshasa” for which he co- composed the music was nominated for the Best Short Film category at the Césars 2018.

La Femme Papier