Audiovisual post-production training

The Audiovisual post production sector is undergoing radical transformation. The different sound professions are becoming more structured, but are not yet clearly defined. It remains relatively difficult to find precise information on this sector, so it can appear closed-off and lacking transparency.

However, things are changing. Until recently, not having connections in the business meant that there was little hope of finding the job of one’s dreams. Fortunately, that way of functioning is becoming a thing of the past. Companies and studios are increasingly aware of the need to better inform and train the sound designers of tomorrow, maintaining close connections with organizations like ours to spot young new talents and track their progress.

The rapid evolution of production techniques has resulted in our post-production course being intensive and covering a lot of ground. These are professions of passion, requiring considerable personal investment and a lot of time and energy. That’s why we favor people who are self-reliant, highly-motivated, passionate, mobile and genuinely attracted to this career in this sector.

Roles in post production

Audiovisual post production includes a wide range of different skills and professions. From the sound technician in field recording to the auditorium mixer, we provide a solid base in all aspects of audiovisual sound post-production, passing on our know-how and experience of the business:

  • Field recorder
  • Sound effects
  • Sound designer
  • Sound technician
  • Sound editor
  • Mixer
  • Composer

Until recently, these trades were still very compartmentalized. Now, however, for reasons of cost and structural organization within production projects, these roles have tended to overlap or merge. By the end of the course, you will have become a true “Swiss Army Knife” of the audiovisual business, while still having the opportunity to specialize in a particular branch. Versatility is a key factor in making you attractive to future employers.

For music lovers and budding composers we have included a composition-to-image module that will allow you to explore your passion while learning the best practices through a series of lessons and master classes specially designed for the occasion.

A master Class with Laure Lachiver


Course overview

You will address 10 different aspects of the profession, with practical workshops, trips and professional projects.

ArtFX Montpellier, recently ranked 4th school worldwide in its field, calls on our students to work on the graduation projects screened at the end of the year in front of more than 500 people, including recruiters from international companies.

The studios represented are numerous: Disney, Pixar, Warner, MGM, Ubisoft … so there many opportunities to get yourself noticed. We also organize trips to Angoulême, Lyon and Paris to visit leading studios.

Teaching staff

We call on industry professionals from Audio Workshop’s partner companies to take classes, workshops and practical exercises, and help you perfect your portfolio and start networking. We have set up a highly-structured educational framework to monitor progress and ensure that each student gets the most out of their course.

  • Morgan Dufour(Audio Workshop, Ubisoft)
  • Gaetan Theyssier(Audio Workshop)
  • Guillaume Boissot(Freelance sound effects)
  • Laure Lachiver(AGM Factory)
  • Willy Lapicque(France Télévision)
  • Laurent Sauvagnac(Freelance film composer)
  • More to come…


  • Pro Tools
  • Field Recording
  • Overview
  • Pre Production
  • Sound Editing (stereo and 5.1)
  • Mixing (stereo and 5.1)
  • Sound effects
  • Voice recording
  • Filmic analysis/General culture
  • Composition to image

Course details

  • Number of students per year: 16
  • Student selection process: application + test + interview
  • Length: 39 weeks, mid-September to the end of June
  • Number of classes: 4 or 5 classes per week (between 150 and 200 total)
  • Number of exercises:  more than 60 per year
  • Workshops with professionals from Audio Workshop
  • External classes at partner companies
  • Realization of a film with Artfx School
  • Software included: 1-year license for Pro Tools Ultimate, 1-year license for Soundly, 1-year license for Waves NX, access to a 4TB sound bank …