What they say about Audio Workshop

I hesitated before choosing Audio Workshop, largely because the training center is so new; but it is clear that the result far exceeded my expectations. A modern, dynamic training course, run by a team of dedicated sound professionals.
Joining Audio Workshop is not only joining the sound industry but also becoming part of a bonded community of friends and colleagues. The course gave me a real direction – and I weigh my words carefully, and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world, even when the going is hard.
If you are hesitating too, know that that there is an alternative to everything that you have been offered since you were young. There is a place here for you if you know how to push yourself to the limit, if you have something to say and you are ambitious.
The driving energy of this organization, of its teachers and of its students, is a boundless source of motivation and inspiration.
Audio Workshop strives for nothing less than excellence and you will have to show resilience and strength of character to stay the course, but, if you do, believe me that nothing you experience after this will be a problem if you want to succeed in this business.
Literature and The Humanities have the “Hypokhâgne”, sound design now has Audio Workshop.

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Morgan Levesque
Post Production 2018-2019
Sound Designer at Piste Rouge

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A very, very intense and professionalizing course!

Endeis Roux
Class of 2018-2019
Content creator at Cabestan

Extremely high quality professional training for anyone who is totally committed.
I highly recommend it.

Tom Douault
Post Prod 2018-2019, Video Games 2019-2020
Sound Designer at Audio Workshop

Top quality training!

Thomas Jean
Post Production 2018-2019
Assistant at Dubbing Brothers

An intense, thorough and effective course. The two trainers do not take on the role of teachers but that of customers putting us in real-world situations from the outset. It is extremely complete and brings a lot of contacts and valuable experience.
If I had to compare it with ISART, one of the biggest schools of sound design, I’d say that one year at Audio Workshop is worth all 3 at ISART, and next year promises to be even better!
I highly recommend this program which I firmly believe guarantees you’ll find a job at the end if you show complete commitment!

Clément Domergue
Post Produnction 2018-2019
Foley Artist at MyBank

Excellent training, definitely intense but has the merit of being really professionalizing.
Exercises in real conditions, preparation of a portfolio and network building, learning the different techniques necessary for audio production and post-production …
These are all very important factors, taught by professionals who are passionate about their job and want to share their knowledge with those who want it and are willing to work hard.
A big thank you to Audio Workshop without whom I would not have all the skills I now possess!

Clément Bertin
Post Production 2018-2019
Audio Workshop


Audio Workshop has given me everything I need to succeed in the profession.
Numerous courses and exercises in different subjects such as sound editing, mixing, field recording, sound creation …
The stakeholders all from the industry, real life situations, trips to studios, the creation of my network.
A big thank-you!

Geoffrey Bourrel
Class of 2018-2019
Assistant at Dubbing Brothers

Definitely the highest quality sound design training in France with a superb team of teaching staff. Training is done online and works very well!

Valentin Brousse
Class of 2018-2019
Sound Designer at RS Simulation

Every minute spent at Audio Workshop is worth its weight in gold: learning and progress are the key words of this training program that I would recommend to every passionate Sound Designer.

Laurène Ginestière
Post Production 2018-2019
Sound Engineer at Non Stop People


Fabien Boasso
Audio Workshop student 2018-2019
Recorder at Dubbing Brothers

A very rich and complete training program. Don’t waste two or three years doing another school, as Audio Workshop takes care of giving you everything in a single, very condensed year, teaching you the discipline and organization you need to finish each project on time.
There’s no qualification but don’t worry you won’t need it thanks to the portfolio and network of contacts that you will build throughout this very busy year.
You will meet audiovisual professionals at their studios who will each show you their way of working, as well as the realities of the world of work …
This is the first training program to form a bridge between learning and the world of work.
If you are passionate about editing and sound, do not hesitate and go for it!

An excellent course for training in sound for image (and more starting from next year), quite intense but very rich and professional. Work is in stereo and 5.1 for all types of audiovisual media. Meet-ups, studio visits … anyone interested should not hesitate.

Mathias Brattières
Class of 2018-2019
A&R at Karnage Records

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Audio Workshop is one of the best audiovisual training programs in France today. It ensures a certain professionalism and takes just one year!
This is not a standard training program with lessons that you go through mechanically, but a course built on a real human relationships with the teachers, allowing communication and exchange, travel and sharing good times. The training program aims to take you very close to and even beyond what awaits you in the professional world while maintaining the spirit of teamwork and progress.
Finally, Audio Workshop’s numerous contacts and partners allow you to meet people, make connections and find opportunities for your future career.
A word of warning, though: you need to be extremely motivated and determined! And see it through from start to finish … a bit like everything, in the end 🙂

Yanis Le Gall
Post Production 2018-2019
Intern at Piste Rouge