The crossroads of Europe!

Paris! French capital, open-air museum and meeting place of all kind of art. It is also the crossroads of Europe and a strategic place for development.
6 000 audiovisual companies have established their headquarters in Île de France, 60 % of them are younger than 6 years of creation. The dynamism and attraction of the territory is no longer to be shown. The giants of the sector and our partners (Dubbing Brothers, Ubisoft, Webedia…) are part of this eco-system.
It is 5 minutes walk from metro 9 (stop Robespierre), right in the heart of Montreuil that we open our doors. Laurent Sauvagnac, composer and site manager welcomes you to complete your projects.

Composing, Dubbing and Validation

Within “M Factory” offices, we offer Laurent Sauvagnac’s expertise for your musical composing needs. But also in dubbing. The studio has a central place to welcome the best voice actors in the capital.
It’s also a place where we can set up listening and validation with our customers on sound editing.

We are currently composing for several advertisement projects, video games, series, and audio books.

A space with green background is set up to film “making of” or courses taking place in the south of France.