27/09/2021 :

Audio Workshop blows out its 3rd candle!!!

We are proud and happy to see a whole community being created around the studio. A community of partners to begin with, which is reflected in the creation of our Bourrély Hub, gathering on two buildings, that is to say more than 600m2, companies that complement each other: Nobody StudioDO THE FILMLE SON DE L’ENCRE and Sandfall Interactive.

But also a community of voice actors which includes more than 200 people, spread over 4 cities, for a choice of 7 languages. Many great projects have come out of our studios, including great games such as Riders Republic, Disco Elysium, Road 96, or series and documentaries such as Fisk, Aftertaste, Itch, Wonder Gang, Jaimen Hudson or Wild Wars Australia.

A community of students and alumni of more than 60 people who are doing great things at UbisoftSloclapDigixArt StudioAnkamaSumo Digital LtdWill-Production Strasbourg-Parisfrance.tv studioGroupe TF1Studios Post & Prod etc… and thus validate our philosophy oriented towards the field, the practice and the establishment of a network.

Finally, our community of more than 50 companies who trust us. Currently, Audio Workshop has 2 projects in co-production, 10 feature films and short films, 13 documentaries, 9 series, 25 video games, 27 commercials and much more. A big thank you to all of you who offer us challenges that are always bigger, more complex but so exciting!

We don’t forget our team, which has been faithful to us since the beginning and which trusts us despite the turmoil linked to the start of an activity and a context made more complex by Covid. A growing team, a family. So thank you Ludovic, thank you jean claude Charlier, thank you Tom Douault, thank you Aristide Hersant-PrévertLouise JeansonFrancesca ClementiGuillaume BoissotMorgane Bello, and thank you mother Anne without whom we would do nothing.

Audio Workshop it’s 3 years of pleasure, 3 years of passion, 3 years of adventure, a family spirit and conviviality.

Thanks you!

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