26/03/2023 :

Breaking News !

We have taken the decision to separate our two business units – sound training and audio production – on June 30, 2023.

This decision, taken after a long reflection and many discussions during which we considered all possibilities, seems to be the best for the company, as it will allow each activity to express its full potential by focusing on its own challenges.

Audio Workshop will remain an audio post-production studio, will continue to work on audiovisual, film, commercial and video game projects, and will still be managed by Morgan. The trainings will be transferred to another structure – new name, new place – created especially for the occasion and directed by Gaëtan, based on the values, learning paths and resources built during the (almost) 5 years of Audio Workshop activity.

5 years of adventure, of common creation, of beautiful projects, of challenges taken up, which will find their continuity in the expression of two independent activities.

More information on the new structure will be available soon!

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