A local and strong partnership

We are proud to announce our recent partnership with France TV Studio, a leader in the French television and film industry. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to providing superior services and meeting the highest industry standards.

Thanks to this alliance, we have the unique opportunity to contribute to renowned TV and film productions, showcasing our expertise and passion for sound. We work closely with the teams at France TV Studio to ensure that every project benefits from exceptional sound treatment, capturing the audience’s attention and adding an immersive dimension to every visual experience.

Our team of talented and creative experts is proud to represent the dynamism and artistic talent of Montpellier. Whether it’s precise and expressive dubbing, innovative sound design, original music composition or professional mixing, we do our utmost to create a unique and captivating sound atmosphere that perfectly complements the image.

At Audio Workshop, we understand the importance of a quality soundtrack to reinforce the emotional impact of audiovisual content. As a Montpellier-based company, we are deeply attached to our local community and are committed to supporting the development of the region’s sound industry.

Two sites, twice the possibilities

To meet growing demand and strengthen our presence in audio post-production, we now have two studios. Located respectively at 10 rue Bourrély in Montpellier and at France TV la Fabrique in Vendargues, these spacious, modern premises enable us to extend our creative capabilities and offer even more efficient services to our customers.

Our new studios offer a full range of audio post-production services, now adding the possibility of mixing, noising and dubbing even more content with our new auditoriums. Our talented team of sound designers, together with the France TV teams, work with passion and expertise to bring our customers’ ideas to life. Using state-of-the-art equipment and specialized software, we are committed to delivering exceptional sound results that enhance the quality and impact of audiovisual productions.

This partnership marks a significant step in the growth of our company. By expanding our creative capabilities and geographical footprint, we are able to meet the diverse needs of our customers and deliver audio post-production services of excellence. Whether at 10 rue Bourrély in Montpellier or France TV la Fabrique in Vendargues, our studios are designed to inspire creativity and guarantee exceptional sound results. We look forward to working with you to deliver an unforgettable audio experience.