They recorded at Audio Workshop

We’re big dubbing fans and lovers of actors. Having grown up in the ’80s and ’90s, the heyday of cult anime, generation-spanning series and films that saw the emergence of great talents, we were lulled by iconic voices that made us want to recapture that spirit of novelty. Our artistic approach is simple: we want each voice to be recognizable and distinctive. That’s how we see this art.

For us, it’s essential to develop dubbing locally, with new talent, while relying on the experience of legends of the profession who put us on the path to quality. And all in multilingual versions.

Through this page, we’d like to pay tribute to our local actors, our fantastic supporters and highlight all the talent who have passed through our facilities for various projects, whether in comedy or stage direction.

Julien Masdoua

Jehanne Thellier

Brigitte Lecordier

Mark Lesser

Marion Trintignant

Sophie Arthuys

Kole Quentier

Laurent Quentier

Alexandre Gillet

Fiona Dellaporta

Jerome Berbon

Gilles Serna

Cecile Heredia

Ljubisav Djukanovic

Nicolas Mossard

Louis Lecordier

Victoria McKay

Elise Pettigrew

Christian Pelissier

Maina Le Dantec

Raphaelle Agogué

Natacha Gerritsen

Damien Laquet

Thierry Desroses

Vincent Ropion

Michel Voletti

Kelyan Blanc

Jean Rieffel

Eric Hirschi

Clement Ducros

Luc de Villars

Ryan Highley

Alicia Crecq

Claire Dodin

Kyle Hebert

Doug Stone

Brittany Cox

Clara Thebault

Gianni Rossi

Leyla Hamilton

Clara Cantos

Angela Leblanc

Mike Powers

Courtney Lin

Stephanie Matard

Christian Starr-Lassen

Claire Butard

Gaetan Mansouri

Fred Perchet

Sebastian Prittwitz

Mark Schmal

Chris Lee Lewis

Caleb Yen

Edward Mendoza

Hudsen Schuchart

Natalie Hitzel