Training in sound design for video games

Video games are the world’s best-selling and most-consumed cultural product. The game industry has become one of the sectors which is currently seeing the highest level of recruiting. Productions are becoming more and more impressive and spectacular, as can be seen in the most recent releases: Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

There are many companies in the video games market looking for and recruiting new talent, and sound is no exception as the number of sound designers needed is also increasing. The boundaries between film and gaming are becoming slimmer in terms of creation and organization, but the special technical skills required for games make this media a separate field as sound designers are also responible for integrating the sounds they create into the game file structure, respecting the constraints of interactive production.

It is a work of passion, requiring great personal investment and a lot of time and energy. It requires considerable knowledge and experience of video games and cinema references. That’s why we favor people who are self-reliant, highly-motivated, passionate, mobile and genuinely attracted to a career in this sector.

Careers in video game development

The world of game development has a vast range of opportunities in sound. Be it artistic or technical there is something for everyone:

  • Voice designer
  • Foley artist
  • Sound designer
  • Audio programmer
  • Cinematic sound editor
  • Cinematic mixer

Here the term sound designer has a different connotation from audiovisual post production. Although they create sound universes and give life to characters, objects or places, game sound designers also need programming skills when it comes to gameplay. They are responsible for controlling the correct functioning of their creations in the game and be able to debug any potential problems that production encounters. It is 50% artistic and 50% technical/computer. The cinematic sequences are closer to standard audiovisual post production.

Create the sound for your game heroes

Ghost Recon Breakpoint 5

Course overview

You will address 10 different aspects of the profession, with practical workshops and long-term professional projects. Students from several leading schools in the field of visual creation join forces with us to work on joint projects that are judged by video game industry professionals. Game developers from Ubisoft regularly stop by our studios to run workshops.

Teaching staff

We call on industry professionals from Audio Workshop’s partner companies to take classes, workshops and practical exercises, and help you perfect your portfolio and start networking. We have set up a highly-structured educational framework to monitor progress and ensure that each student gets the most out of their course.

  • Morgan Dufour(Ubisoft/Audio Workshop)
  • Gaetan Theyssier(Audio Workshop)
  • Guillaume Boissot(Bruiteur indépendant)
  • Aymeric Schwartz(The Game Bakers)
  • Eric Maugerard(Ubisoft)
  • Corentin Jouet(Ubisoft)
  • Guests…


  • Pro Tools
  • Reaper
  • Wwise
  • Overview
  • Audio programming
  • Sound editing (stereo and 5.1)
  • Mixing (stereo and 5.1)
  • Sound effects
  • Voice design
  • Video game analysis/General game culture

Course details

  • Number of students per year: 10
  • Student selection process: application + test + interview
  • Length: 39 weeks, mid-September to the end of June
  • Number of classes: 4 or 5 classes per week (between 150 and 200 total)
  • Workshops with professionals from Audio Workshop and Ubisoft
  • Realization of a game with Artfx School
  • Software included: 1-year license for Pro Tools Ultimate, Soundly, Wwise, Unity Waves NX, access to our 4TB sound bank…