The new 2022 Fireblade SP. A motorcycle thirty years in the making with one aim. To make every tenth of a second count. Our refusal to rest on our laurels means we’re always pushing forward with new developments. Like improved low- and mid-range acceleration performance, full Öhlins Smart Electronic Control (S-EC) suspension, Brembo master cylinder, brake lever, front and rear calipers and standard-fit quick shifter. The Fireblade SP defines the ultimate racing motorcycle. One ready to overload adrenaline through every turn. Find out more at… #FirebladeSP #HondaMotorcycles #ThePowerOfDreams


Type de projet

Travail effectué


Date de sortie : 23/11/2021
Genre : Publicité
Production : Band’Originale
Client : Band’Originale
Tournage : Gaetan Theyssier
Sound Design : Gaetan Theyssier
Composition : Jean Claude Charlier
Mixage : Gaetan Theyssier