Pr. John Becker and Dr. Nick Harmon, are two dedicated and passionate scientists. They’ll discover the misteries of an old cave in a galaxy far away from earth…
One of the last productions of ArtFX, the famous world top 10 FX school.


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Release: 2019
Genre: Science-fiction
Producer: ARTFX
Directors: Kévin Rogovits, Laszlo Kalbache, Nicolas Plazannet, Sacha Medda
Composers: Allen Constantine, Matt C. Stevan
Foleys: Morgan Dufour et Brice Berrier
Sound design: Morgan Dufour, Ruben Leonidas, Valentin Frison, Justin Lasnier
Sound Editing: Morgan Dufour et Benoit Di Paolo
Mixing: Aurélien Marini et Morgan Dufour