Do you want to hear your voice on the next Netflix series? On major films? Embody the next great video game hero or give life to the greatest literary works?

Audio Workshop and VOFFLA (Los Angeles) are organizing meetings in the Montpellier area from 21st to 25th October, with the aim of forming a team to work on dubbing, video games, audiobooks and other voice-over applications.

By appointment only.

To get an appointment, please send your CV and your voice demos in mp3 format to (Claire Dodin) with your details.

If you live more than an hour from Montpellier, please specify where you would be coming from. Recording will be done in Montpellier and will be paid by through the French Intermittent Du Spectacle system.

Voice recording experience is not required if you have solid experience in acting.

We look forward to meeting you

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